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Files Set Up and How to Send Files
- After you place an order - Download
ours template (
click here for all templates) -
Submit files as CMYK Mode - JPG
Format is highly recommend (72 dpi to 150
dpi Max, usually 100 dpi will be fine) - We
also accept PDF Files, we will run a
pre-flight before print, if the artworks does
not pass our pre-flight, we will convert to
photoshop "jpg" 100 or 150 dpi, without
notice - We usually will check your files
within 4 business hours, we will contact you
by email if the files is OK to Print or
- You can email
the files to
art.com (if files is
smaller than or
about 20MB) - If
you use email to
send us files,
please include
your name,
contact phone
number and
invoice number
- You also can send files
by FTP Client, (
click here
how to use FTP Client) -
If the files is bigger than
20MB, you must use FTP
Client - Please change the
file names to "Invoice
Number" Feel free to give
us a contact, if you have
any question about the
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